Katharine Suchan

I’m a senior from Little Rock, Arkansas studying in the Painting department at the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri. My goal is to become a studio artist. My work is a reflection of wonderful places, people, and experiences I’ve encountered. I consider the curious and the overlooked in the everyday, attempting to transform that into an extraordinary celebration of life.

The work ranges from large scale paintings to art objects that contain a sense of multiplicity within the way it addresses subject, idiom, and trajectory. I am interested in the environment around me and how that influences my perception of the images I create. I seek to create a synthesis of the emotional and symbolic relationships as genuinely as possible by taking notes, sketching, and logging colors and patterns found in my direct engagement with natural and constructed environments. I use this research as inspiration towards resolution within a painting or art object.

My material decisions stem from an ongoing sensitivity to subject (home, foliage, on-site drawing, synthesis and taxonomy), my familiarity with medium, as well as an intuitive sense of improvisation and velocity. Through mark and scale, a site is a vehicle which allows me to convey both visceral and sensual aspects of experience. I ask how people inhabit places physically and psychologically and how states of being overlap within a place. This bricolage results in work that overwhelms and enchants. All of which creates an interlude for the viewer to question their relationship to the environment.