Cecilia Krantz

Cecilia is a Swedish artist living in the countryside an hour north of the capital of Stockholm. She is a headmaster (principal) of a large school in Sweden.

Several years ago, Cecilia had the opportunity to participate at a weekend painting class in watercolor, and she was immediately hooked. Cecilia’s mother was an artist, mostly in acrylic or oil mediums which never appealed to Cecilia. The meeting with water and watercolors changed everything. The colors and the life of water and paint gave her a new way of seeing the world. Where she once saw trees, houses, people or lakes, she now notices shapes, shadows and so many more colors than she knew existed. Cecilia sees paintings in everything around her. Sometimes in the shape of a tree, an apple or a face, and sometimes in the light of a sunset or the mist after a rainy day. 

Cecilia continues to study art and often paints with another Swedish artist at her studio. Creativity has always been important to Cecilia who continues to learn new things every time she lifts her watercolor brush.  She looks forward to that feeling staying with her as she continues painting.  

With Love from Sweden…CeciliaK

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Instagram:  @Art_By_CeciliaK