Chandara Kettlewell

Chandra Kettlewell (b. 1984) is a local artist designing pieces full of movement and vibrancy. Her embrace of multiple mediums and application techniques leads to interesting textures and effects. This is especially true when her pieces are viewed from different angles and lighting. She began doing smaller, more traditional works years ago before embracing a more abstract style that conveys action and chaos. Her choice in combining inks, oils, acrylics, pouring mediums, joint compound, stucco, and multiple types of glitter provides a somewhat playful aspect to her work. But often the additional textures are used as a way to send another message, such as the process of decay, the timely effects of gravity, or the “feel” of a terrain. She continues to improvise and try new methods and mediums in almost every piece. This constant experimentation yields exciting results in every one of her works.

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